Thursday, November 1, 2007


We started some seeds today in toilet paper rolls... onions, sweet peppers, broccoli, rosemary, basil, and spearmint. The rest of my seeds I'm going to plant directly in the ground. So I better get crackin with getting the garden ready. I am starting two of each of the seeds and then in two weeks I am going to start another two sets and two weeks after that another two sets... so I'll have a continual crop.

Here are some pictures of Sydney helping me put the seeds in the seed starting mix. She was so helpful at first filling her own toilet paper roll, but then caught eye of the seed packets and was on the attack.
Helpful Hands


Jennifer said...

Is your ground soft? At our old house it was crazy hard in some places, if you run into that I totally recommend a garden claw (I think we got ours from OSH). Good job, Sydney!

Michele with 1 L said...

Our ground is pretty good once you move it around. It's a little hard right now because of the lack of rain the past year.