Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh, Hello!

You may have thought I forgot about this blog... actually, I haven't. I have had some good intentions for the past few months to update this old thing... but it just kept getting away from me. I have started a new adventure with some friends called SewnClever. You should check us out here... and perhaps "like" us on Facebook.
Anywho... This little garden blog could really be updated to some sort of small farm blog. Let me lay down what we've added. We have 10 chickens at the moment. Unfortunately, this number fluctuates due to the fact that my dogs aren't chicken lovers... especially my Boston Terrier... he's more of a chicken killer! sniff sniff.... We also have 2 wonderful goats!! Penny is a Nubian and Nigel is a Nigerian Dwarf! They are so amazing and lovable! In all honesty, I think Penny believes she is more of a lap dog than a goat. For a time, she was trying to get into the house to be with us, she follows me constantly when I'm outside and she occasionally tries to get me to hold her.
Baby Nigel being bottle-fed

Mis Penny Lane

All the amazing blue & brown eggs we get daily

Penny loves to relax in the hammock!
Well, on to the garden, I guess. We have some wonderful things growing right now!! Truly delicious! Our grape vines are giving us grapes, we have watermelon growing like crazy, squash, corn, carrots, english cucumber, tomatoes out the wazoo!! I guess picture tell a better story in the garden. Here are a few... more to come tomorrow... or the next day. Until then, adieu & go get your hands dirty in the yard!