Friday, July 16, 2010

Chili Peppers!!!!

I was very excited to see how well my chili plant was doing. It has produce more chili peppers than I expected. I have chili relleno planned for dinner tomorrow night.
A note on the chicken coop update. I haven't done my full post on the chicken coop yet because it's not done :(
I was expecting to have it all set up by now, but since the onset of this heat... forget it!! I considered working on it at 8:30 last night to avoid the heat, but didn't really want to work in the dark. It will be done soon though... maybe :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Long Overdue Update

I have been dying to update lately, but could not find the time. I know that sounds sad, since it would only take me 15 minutes to update, but I have been busy. Mostly busy with the chicken coop project, but that's a post for tomorrow... or whenever I get another 15 minutes.
But for now, I wanted to update on some of the fun thing going down in the garden. I have always had wonderful luck with my basil. It always grows with ease and has this yummy little spice to it. I recently picked a bunch and made some delicious pesto. Also, I have some great little bell peppers that are ready. I also have some rad little peppers that are almost ready for chile relleno. I'm not sure the name of the chili, but I know that's what they can be used for :)
My tomato plant is growing a lot, but no little tomatoes yet...

Ahhhh... Here is a beautiful sight!
My grape vines are looking so gorgeous! I have a ton a grapes as you can see below. It's so awesome... sometimes I'll be working out in the yard and it will get really quiet and I'll stop and think to myself, "Where are the girls and why are they so quiet?" And then of course, I find them eating the ripe grapes they find. They just sit there and search for the ones that are ready.

These ones above are their favorite bunch to munch off of.

Here is my first little lonely blackberry. The bush is small, but it's showing me grace. I really have neglected it.

Our apple tree has a lot of apples coming in. This is one of my favorite trees in the yard. In the summer when Sydney turned two, she would eat an apple from this tree everyday while I worked in the yard. I'm looking forward to making an apple pie soon!

And lastly in my update... The girls got to pick some carrots from the garden. Not as big as carrots I've grown in the past, but they're still carrots. There's nothing like seeing your kids face as they pull out the carrots from the ground, like "Holy Cow!!! That was under the dirt!!"
More pictures to come soon as the corn is getting taller, more strawberries are ripening, and my first potato plants are coming up! And... another teaser for the chicken coop update.