Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorry I Lag

I've been so busy with sewing bags, homeschooling, and fun crafts that I haven't been a very faithful blogger. But in my defense... there really isn't much going on in the garden :( Here is a list of what's happening...
I got a little strawberry transplant that seems to be doing well. We'll see in the summer - yum! Several zucchini plants are sprouting up. My fennel is out of control... doing so well. Don't really know what do with fennel, so if you do... send me a recipe or I'll give you some. I have a sweet pea thief in my yard. My sweet peas were so rad and then one day they were off the trellis and all the sweet peas were gone :( I was bummed because that plants has such sweet memories with it. When I was first starting my garden Sydney used to stand and eat all my sweet peas while I worked in the garden. It was like a babysitter. My tomato plants are still the
same size they've been for the past 2 months. Not sure why they won't grow or what to do to help them, but I would love insight. My cucumbers were doing great and then took a turn for the worst and I dug them up. I did get a few jumbo cucumbers from the vine though. Last on the list are my peppers. I have already had some yummy sweet bell peppers and my plant is on round two. I have another pepper plant that I thought were hot peppers, but after picking them and smelling them... and Damin tasting them... they are sweet as well.
Like I said, I've been on a major craft kick lately. I might throw up a few pictures of things I've been making lately... a princess skirt, a Pippy Longstocking style smock/ dress, a fabric "Merry Christmas" sign, a few ornaments... there is so much I want to do right now, with no where near enough time.
Until next time...
(which will probably be another month, at least)