Monday, August 25, 2008

Under Attack!!!

So the garden is under siege! I have ants coming in for breakfast, lunch & dinner and every snack in between. I started out with a combination of sugar and borax around the edge of my garden so I'm going to see how that works. I have an mix to make with essential oils, but I think since Ginger is due in less than a month, I'm kind of letting the garden do it's thing :( However, I'm sad because the ants found my corn and I was so excited because my corn was doing so awesome. I tried to clean them out really well, but time will tell who won.
I also have a problem with my squash. I have the white powdery mold (or whatever it is) on the leaves of some of my squash plants. I need to do something about this asap or I'm going to have to remove all of my squash. I found a mix to make to spray on the leaves, but again have been too lazy to do anything. When I was at Whole Foods I found a spray for the leaves, but when I saw it was $13, I didn't really want to buy it. I figured my own was cheaper. Well now being hugely pregnant and just getting sick, I'm wishing I would have got the stinkin' spray. So hopefully, everything survives and I get out there to water everything before it dies.