Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just a Little Somethin'

Not much to report on the garden front... I've been on hiatus in the garden since Africa.... that's a month! Yikes!! It definitely took me a little while to get back into my groove. So, pretty soon.. I'll get to work... sometime...
On a side note, I have been spending a lot of time sewing for Patchwork. Patchwork is an indie arts & crafts show put on by Delilah Snell, owner of the Road Less Traveled and Nicole Stevenson from Random Nicole. There are two show (Long Beach & Santa Ana) at the end of this month. You will find so many creative vendors and inspiring craft people here... you will not be sorry! I hope you can make it to one of the shows... I will be a vendor at the Long Beach show on Nov. 21. Check it out at

Monday, September 27, 2010


I have learned a lesson in finishing what you start. As our chicks were getting larger and having finished their coop, they were beginning to spend the day outside. We would bring the dogs inside and leave the chicks in their coop because the fence to the chicken coop was yet to be finished. Well, yesterday while we were gone with dogs gate wasn't latched all the way and they broke into the coop and... I'll spare you the details. I was quite emotional last night.
Well, this morning oddly enough a random chicken dropped by our backyard and it looks like she has decided to stay. Our fence is up now, so she should be safe. We also got some replacement chicks. I was quite attached to my girls, but the new ones will help me move on. We picked up a barred rock (Genevieve), buff orpington (Coco), austerlorp (Poppy), silver laced wyandotte (Sunflower). We transfered the names of the deceased to their replacement counterparts, except Sydney had decided to name our visiting guest Chloe and name the
Wyandotte and new name. We have two americanas on order due in a week (Madeline & Olivia). We are starting the whole process over again... chicks in the bathroom for 2 months... fun!
Other than that... a little garden update.
Tomatoes are growing like crazy! I have my first eggplant coming in nicely. I also have planted micro greens. My first time, but they are super easy!! We also planted some banana tree transplants that have taken well. And we will have 2 storybook pumpkins in time for Halloween.

Friday, August 27, 2010


So, I know I've been a terrible blogger... just leaving you hanging with all the promises of chickens. Well, good news! Chicks are here!!! I have having a hard time being motivated to finish the chicken coop with the crazy heat we've been having... finally summer showed up! I figured though, what better way to motivate myself to finish the coop, than to just get the chicks? Besides, they can't really stay out in the coop until they are 2 months anyways.
We have had a few chicks for a week and just picked up a few more today. I think the 6 we have will complete our coop for now. However, the pig at the feed store was tugging at mine and Damin's heart strings. Last week when I was there, I almost left with a 2 week old goat! She cried for me every time I left her side! Next spring we may seriously see a goat or pig.
Here are our little babies. Allow me to introduce them....
2 Ameraucanas (Madeline & Olivia) They lay blue & green tinted eggs!
Buff Orpington (Coco)
Australorp (Poppy)
Plymouth Rock (Genevieve)
Wyandotte (Chloe) I believe she is a golden laced Wyandotte
I will post better pictures of the girls this weekend (I hope)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chili Peppers!!!!

I was very excited to see how well my chili plant was doing. It has produce more chili peppers than I expected. I have chili relleno planned for dinner tomorrow night.
A note on the chicken coop update. I haven't done my full post on the chicken coop yet because it's not done :(
I was expecting to have it all set up by now, but since the onset of this heat... forget it!! I considered working on it at 8:30 last night to avoid the heat, but didn't really want to work in the dark. It will be done soon though... maybe :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Long Overdue Update

I have been dying to update lately, but could not find the time. I know that sounds sad, since it would only take me 15 minutes to update, but I have been busy. Mostly busy with the chicken coop project, but that's a post for tomorrow... or whenever I get another 15 minutes.
But for now, I wanted to update on some of the fun thing going down in the garden. I have always had wonderful luck with my basil. It always grows with ease and has this yummy little spice to it. I recently picked a bunch and made some delicious pesto. Also, I have some great little bell peppers that are ready. I also have some rad little peppers that are almost ready for chile relleno. I'm not sure the name of the chili, but I know that's what they can be used for :)
My tomato plant is growing a lot, but no little tomatoes yet...

Ahhhh... Here is a beautiful sight!
My grape vines are looking so gorgeous! I have a ton a grapes as you can see below. It's so awesome... sometimes I'll be working out in the yard and it will get really quiet and I'll stop and think to myself, "Where are the girls and why are they so quiet?" And then of course, I find them eating the ripe grapes they find. They just sit there and search for the ones that are ready.

These ones above are their favorite bunch to munch off of.

Here is my first little lonely blackberry. The bush is small, but it's showing me grace. I really have neglected it.

Our apple tree has a lot of apples coming in. This is one of my favorite trees in the yard. In the summer when Sydney turned two, she would eat an apple from this tree everyday while I worked in the yard. I'm looking forward to making an apple pie soon!

And lastly in my update... The girls got to pick some carrots from the garden. Not as big as carrots I've grown in the past, but they're still carrots. There's nothing like seeing your kids face as they pull out the carrots from the ground, like "Holy Cow!!! That was under the dirt!!"
More pictures to come soon as the corn is getting taller, more strawberries are ripening, and my first potato plants are coming up! And... another teaser for the chicken coop update.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ups & Downs

Would you rather hear the good news or the bad news first??
Okay then bad news first... I'm a pumpkin killer :( My lonely little pumpkin has died. I was trying to guide the new vines for my pumpkin to follow and I knocked little baby and it shot off the vine. I'm so bummed because it was one of the storybook pumpkins... Hopefully my vine will forgive me and make me a new pumpkin. Fingers crossed...

On the upside, my basil is going very well and I picked a nice bunch today and am going to make pesto for lunch today! Super yum!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This and That

I found the answer to one mystery in my garden... what is eating my bean plants??? The culprit... slugs. I found some shiny tracks one some leaves this morning... Now I will take them down! Next, to find out who is eating my cucumbers. But for now I have started some new cumcumbers indoors. Fingers crossed!
Also, the Armstrong Garden Center in Foothill Ranch is closing and I picked up some good finds for cheap. I got organic eggplant, habanero peppers, chocolate mint, chamomile, melon, and a bunch of organic seeds. Plus soil was 30% off so I grabbed a few bags. Definitely not enough to fill my boxes, but enough to finish filling my existing boxes and my box for potatoes. Pictures to follow, especially some pictures of my grape vines that are looking amazing, thanks to some hand-me-down arches.
Plus, a little side note... I'm going to be acquiring some chickens in the next month or so and have drawn up plans for my chicken coop. I think beyond my means all the time, and the chicken coop was no exception. I try to keep it humble and cost efficient, but there are still basics that I need and there is no way around not spending any money... with that being said, I am looking for any chicken related items that may be in need of a good home. If you come across any, please let me know. I have checked craigslist, but I also need tall posts for a shaded area I want to build for the coop... something for vines to grow on. Any suggestions of cheap, or even better, FREE finds, please let me know.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's Eating you???

That's the mystery right now... what's eating my baby plants?? I can't get my poor cucumbers to grow for the life of me because of some little bug. I've replanted 3 times!!! I tried covering the little sprouts with a tent and the bug has the magical power to get through it. And that's not the only plant it finds tasty because some of my beans are being eaten as well. Any suggestions on how to save my babies??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spent the weekend shoveling some free mulch! Gotta love free!!
I think it makes it look so much better... I know you're thinking...
"Michele, it looks the same! You still haven't filled your stinking boxes yet!"
I'm trying to get there. Finances are holding me back, but I'm hoping that I can get my soil soon. And let me remind you how insane and barren my garden looked before the renovation.
Also, that little retro fridge in the corner of the garden is going to house some plants as well... when I get there. It was mine and Damin's refrigerator from when we first got married... awwww!

Super stoked on corn, squash & beans!!
I've never grown beans before and have no idea what I'm doing...
I'm stoked at the prospect of picking my own beans... I am married to a Mexican!

And my little baby pumpkin...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boxes were built this weekend... unfortunately that was it. I just need to get my soil and plant my seeds. It's coming together!!
My goal: visit my backyard instead of the market.
On a side note... I woke up and looked out my window this morning and saw some birds getting down in the bird bath. I was so stoked to see this since I didn't birds would really use this in my backyard with the dogs on patrol. But sure enough... they were getting fresh & clean.

Friday, May 14, 2010

In Progress...

Garden renovation is in full effect everyone. I have one new box built and two more are going to be built and filled this weekend (cross your fingers). I have a new fence and a little succulent garden in front of it. It's starting to look good.
And I'm super stoked that my super talented husband did this awesome graffiti piece in the garden for me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden Renovation

Well, my garden make-over is starting and it's looking really good so far. Weeds are out, new fence is up, I put our old refrigerator in the corner to grow some shade plants in, and most important of all... I've started my veggie seeds. I've got quite of bit of work ahead, but it doesn't seem like too much work ahead of me. This weekend I'm going to try to get 2 (or hopefully 3) boxes built and filled with soil. Also, in about 2 weeks we have chickens moving in... 3 to start and hopefully a few more later.
Here are some updated pictures and now that I'm getting somewhere, I promise more faithful posts and pictures...
Happy Gardening!!

Starting some new seeds...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I am a horrible blogger. I have such a hard time keeping my posts current, but I guess if I had a lavish garden growing, it would be easier to write something. However, I do have a garden update. I'm on major renovate mode. I'm trying to get everything ready for spring planting. I will have some new pictures soon of everything going down. And not far off are chickens!! I will be more faithful in posting with all the changes.... keep an eye out.