Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Being the genius that I am, I planted my baby sprouting plants right before our mini heat wave last weekend. It doesn't really look like anything made it through, except for the watermelon. Speaking of watermelon, I have watermelon coming up all over the place in the box it was growing in last year. I'm assuming that since I didn't clear out the old watermelon vines until recently, that the old vine dropped seeds in the box and planted for me this season. So thoughtful! 
Well, hopefully something is salvageable out there, or I may need to replant all me seeds. I do see a little hint of cilantro that might make it and one baby corn that may pull through. Our trees are looking pretty good... apricots, figs, and apples are starting to show up. So stoked for apricots!!
P.S. My mixture of sugar and borax to get rid of ants worked really well!!! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

I Love Hoes!

I spent a little time this weekend getting down and dirty with my ho. The garden is on it's way to looking better than last year. It's some serious work though getting the big think weeds out of the hard ground. I'm trying to get these out so I can plant clover between my stepping stones and hopefully keeps new weeds at bay. I was able to get my watermelon and corn in their box this weekend, but was brought to a stand still when I found that one of the other boxes has an ant problem. So bummed on that, trying a combination of sugar and borax sprinkled around to get them outta here. If you have a tried and true method, please let me know. Other than that I have a ton of ladybugs... on a ladybug side note... last season I kept throwing out some gross little red and black bugs only to find out the other day they are ladybug larvae! Like I stated in the beginning, this is a learning process for me :)

Ladybug Larvae

Here is what the garden is looking like currently. It still looks ghetto and crazy, but you should have seen it Friday... weeds shoulder high- no joke! I'm hoping to add a few more boxes soon.