Sunday, June 13, 2010

This and That

I found the answer to one mystery in my garden... what is eating my bean plants??? The culprit... slugs. I found some shiny tracks one some leaves this morning... Now I will take them down! Next, to find out who is eating my cucumbers. But for now I have started some new cumcumbers indoors. Fingers crossed!
Also, the Armstrong Garden Center in Foothill Ranch is closing and I picked up some good finds for cheap. I got organic eggplant, habanero peppers, chocolate mint, chamomile, melon, and a bunch of organic seeds. Plus soil was 30% off so I grabbed a few bags. Definitely not enough to fill my boxes, but enough to finish filling my existing boxes and my box for potatoes. Pictures to follow, especially some pictures of my grape vines that are looking amazing, thanks to some hand-me-down arches.
Plus, a little side note... I'm going to be acquiring some chickens in the next month or so and have drawn up plans for my chicken coop. I think beyond my means all the time, and the chicken coop was no exception. I try to keep it humble and cost efficient, but there are still basics that I need and there is no way around not spending any money... with that being said, I am looking for any chicken related items that may be in need of a good home. If you come across any, please let me know. I have checked craigslist, but I also need tall posts for a shaded area I want to build for the coop... something for vines to grow on. Any suggestions of cheap, or even better, FREE finds, please let me know.

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