Friday, August 27, 2010


So, I know I've been a terrible blogger... just leaving you hanging with all the promises of chickens. Well, good news! Chicks are here!!! I have having a hard time being motivated to finish the chicken coop with the crazy heat we've been having... finally summer showed up! I figured though, what better way to motivate myself to finish the coop, than to just get the chicks? Besides, they can't really stay out in the coop until they are 2 months anyways.
We have had a few chicks for a week and just picked up a few more today. I think the 6 we have will complete our coop for now. However, the pig at the feed store was tugging at mine and Damin's heart strings. Last week when I was there, I almost left with a 2 week old goat! She cried for me every time I left her side! Next spring we may seriously see a goat or pig.
Here are our little babies. Allow me to introduce them....
2 Ameraucanas (Madeline & Olivia) They lay blue & green tinted eggs!
Buff Orpington (Coco)
Australorp (Poppy)
Plymouth Rock (Genevieve)
Wyandotte (Chloe) I believe she is a golden laced Wyandotte
I will post better pictures of the girls this weekend (I hope)

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