Friday, November 16, 2007

Ready to Grow...

Well, today I finished my boxes (that I made by myself). I used a miter saw for the first time :) Anyways, depending on the festivities this weekend, Sydney & I might get some seeds in the ground. Come, Monday, I'm going to put some stones around the boxes as a pathway and I need to plant some mint & thyme around the edges of the boxes because some ants already found their way to the boxes, even with nothing in them. I despise ants!
On another note... I learned a new lesson about composting this week. **Don't put any seeds in your compost** Yep, I must have missed that when I was reading about composting. I through some pinto beans that didn't make it to the pot in the compost pile and now I have some little beans sprouting up. It kind of worries me because I have thrown a few other seeds in there. Only time will tell how much I threw in. It is kind of funny though seeing beans sprouting up in the middle of the compost.

I thought I might post this picture too... I got really excite about building stuff today and put up a ghetto railing to keep Sydney from jumping :)

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Jennifer said...

Your boxes look great, you are killin' it, lady! I love building stuff, too and my stuff turns out ghetto, too. It's such an amazing feeling, though. Good job, I'm so stoked to see your progress. Maybe I'll hire you this Spring to get my garden going ;)