Monday, November 12, 2007

My Back Hurts

So... the past few days I've been building boxes for my garden. I lugged Sydney to Home Depot with me. I love that they will cut the wood for you :) Almost had a melt down last Tuesday while trying to build my boxes. Came out with a fresh attitude on Wednesday and busted out 1/2 of my box. Then finished building the boxes on Saturday. I am proud to say that I made my boxes myself.
Well, today I filled my boxes with dirt... or should I say "Mel's Mix." I got the boook Square Foot Gardening and have made my boxes (2 4'x4' boxes, one 6" tall and the other 1' tall) and have been following the directions in the book. According to the book if I fill the boxes with Mel's Mix (1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 blended compost) the soil will always be in ideal condition. The combination will keep from becoming hard and compacted, let water flow to the roots freely, and not need to be amended later on.
Let me tell you though, that getting 24 cubic feet of dirt and mixing it together on a tarp and then shoveling it into the boxes with a 15 month old dirt eater is no easy feat. Hopefully tomorrow I will divide my boxes up and get ready to plant some seeds. I also need to make something for the end of the tall box to support my peas & corn. I think I'm going to plant my seeds I started indoors too. I can't wait to start getting a crop. Come January, I am planning on building 2 more boxes, so I can have a continual crop.
Here are some pictures from our day in the yard.

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