Monday, May 5, 2008

The Harvest

So we've been picking our crop lately, we have amazing sweet peas and Sydney loves the broccoli. We just picked a bunch of carrots today. Our corn is coming up really well, but my peppers are taking forever to do anything. They seem to be the same size for the past month. I recently planted kale & romaine lettuce. We're going to plant some pumpkins, which I should have already planted, but oh well. I have some regular pumpkin seeds to plant, but I also saved some seeds last year from a white pumpkin I had and from a bright orange pumpkin. I saved the seeds correctly :) I'm super motivated to get out there and spruce up my garden and clear all the dying weeds, but I can barely water the garden and pick what's ripe without Sydney trying to dig up a baby plant. I'll get there.
Well, here is a picture of Sydney with her harvest of carrots.

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jennifer said...

That photo is scrumptious! The carrots, too, but mainly that little Syd!!!!