Friday, June 5, 2009

Slow Rollin'

I am off to a seriously slow start this season. I think I've been more focused on giving my garden a facelift instead of focusing on the plants. Still hoping to get to the facelift, but I think the crazy weeds still randomly looming throughout the garden lessen my motivation. I do have quite a few watermelon vines coming up; along with corn, basil, sweet peas, tomato, and kale. I need to devote some time next week... for sure. 
As far as my worms go... they're just eating the junk I gave them.... doing what worms do. Still not sure if I am doing 100% correct, but kind of cool none the less... and Sydney likes having worms under the sink :)
Also, a big "thank you" to Matt Jensen for my beautiful heading he created for me!

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